An 8-week program using the power of NaNoWriMo to Write, Edit and Publish Your Non-Fiction Book Before Christmas!

The Joyous Feeling we get when we publish our transformational book!
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By Christmas, you’ll never be an unpublished author again!

Imagine holding a printed copy of your published book in your hands by Christmas Day.

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It really is possible - if you make this simple decision and follow your decision with action.

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Program Begins October 15th!

What is a Beta Program?

A Beta Program is a testing ground

It's a place where you get to participate directly in the course creation process and help make the course perfect FOR YOU.

In exchange for your participation and feedback in the Beta Program, it is typically priced far lower than the full program will be when it is launched at a later date.

In the case of NaNo Rebels, which is the testing ground for my Successful Author Blueprint program that launches in March 2022, you save a whopping $700.

But this is all about timing. If the timing is right and you're highly motivated to publish your book before Christmas, then take advantage of the deep discount and join me on the amazing journey of writer to published author.

I promise you this: Your life will never be the same once you hold your published book in your hands!

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How Can I Help You Get Your Book Finished

Too many aithors fail to finish their books because they don't know what to write, they don't know who they're writing their book for, or even why -- at the core level -- why they want to write their book in the first place.

I solve all of these issues by workingh with you to develop a clear and concise outline and research map, help you identify your ideal reader and their expectations, and uncover why you're so driven to write this book -- even if you've not been able to finish it for years.

I help you set daily and weekly milestones so you can finish and publish your book in 8 weeks or less. And I host regular writing and accountability sessions to help keep you focused and achieve these milestones as quickly and easily as possible.

Clarity is Key

A Clear Outline Makes Writing Simple, Fast and Effortless

When you know what to write, where it fits into the overall story you want to tell, writing thousands of words each day becomes a joyful and fulfilling experience. Your detailed outline also shows you what you must research.... and what you can safely ignore.

Your Ideal Reader

Knowing Your Ideal Reader Makes Staying Focused Easy

Too many writers fail to gain clarity about who their ideal reader is and what their ideal reader wants (and expects) from your book. My simple 3-step process will give you the tools to solve this problem in just a few hours.

Your Writing "Why?"

Why are you driven to write this book?

How will publishing this book transform your life? How will it transform the lives of your ideal readers? The "What is my writing why?" module will help understand deeply why you simply MUST finish your book this year.


Loved and Trusted by My Clients

Read what my clients say about how I've helped them achieve their writing dreams...

And how I can help you achieve yours too.

You CAN hold your published book in your hands by Christmas!

And I can help you make it happen.

If you've started -- but never finished -- your transformational non-fiction book, join me and my merry band of writing rebels as we draw from the communal power of over half a million authors to outline, write, edit and publish our books by December 25th!

You Got This!
8 Weeks to Published!

and you’ll never be an unpublished author again!

Join me and my merry band of writing rebels for an 8-week sprint to Published!

It's easier to accomplish than you think...

And I'll have your back every step of the way.

and you will hold your published book in your hands before Christmas!

So what are you waiting for?

Your book won't write itself...

and when you join NaNo Rebels today...

You're practically guaranteed to start 2022 as a Published Author!

Christopher di Armani
Christopher di Armani

I help authors go from blank page to first draft to published with ease.

Join me and my merry band of writing rebels today and get your book written, published and delivered by Christmas in my 8-week group coaching program.

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